MVHR Service

Servicing your mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) system
As ventilation systems are often hidden away out of sight, it can be easy to forget they require regular servicing once a year. Without maintenance, ventilation systems can become less efficient over time, resulting in poor performance, inefficiency and wasted energy.
How does it work
Your ventilation system works continuously to supply fresh air to your living areas 24 hours a day and should not be turned off, with only the boost option turned on and off as required. Your ventilation system not only extracts moist air from the kitchen and bathrooms, it also provides fresh tempered air to the living and bedroom areas. As extracted and fresh air pass through the unit they are filtered, and it is these filters that need changing during the servicing.
The filters deteriorate from the build-up of dirt and dust and can allow bacterial growth. Dirty filters in the ventilation system can also create foul smells in the incoming air that is supplied to your living areas. Mould growth in the kitchen and bathrooms may also become present. With a poorly maintained system the fans have to work harder to force air through the filters which can result in higher running costs, increased noise levels and eventually, damage to the motors.
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